Sharia Compliant Junior ISA

Assalamu alaikum,
So i started looking at Junior ISAs for my son and came across the following in the

Now they have a Sharia Compliant option but looking at the T&C’s ( they are charging 5% transaction charge compared to 1% for their “Low Cost Fund” and 2% for their “Actively Managed Fund”.

Does this seem high for you? What alternatives have people found for their children’s long term investments? I’ve read the IFG article on investing for children but doesn’t talk about Junior ISAs.

Really interested in people’s thoughts and experiences

JazakhAllah Khair

As Salaamu Alaykum

Honestly, I can’t be of much help here. The only halal investment organisation I know is Wahed Invest. But I think on their platform, you need to have at least completed secondary school education.

However, my personal recommendation would be to invest in Bitcoin instead.

There are other cryptos that would be much better investments than Bitcoin. Many cryptos this year are going to increase by 100x and some 1000x. However, for simplicity’s sake and to save time, Bitcoin is a very good choice. It is far safer in the long term (over many years). If you wanted to look into other cryptos that have even more potential, there is:
Ethereum - ETH
Cardano - ADA
Polkadot - DOT
Kusama - KSM
Stellar - XLM
Ripple - XRP
Coin of the Internet - COTI
(these are not endorsements)

I would recommend keeping the portfolio balanced and split investments up equally if you don’t have trading/investing experiernce. Only downside to crypto is that it does require research. Mainly, you will have to research to make sure a crypto project is halal and does not involve riba.

Jazak Allah Khair


This has been discussed several times int the forum.

The charges of or 5% is really high.

I have gone for a DIY approach for my sons Junior ISA on AJbell platform

I invest in the islamic funds

investing in the popular
most of my investment are in = HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index “BD” fund.
25% to iShares MSCI world
10% Ishare MSCI EM

more details on the below post - any further question, best reply to the below post

if you want to be adventures and are OK with investment you can invest into AIM stock, IFG has The IFG Fund Replicator where they pick the 200 + sharia compliant Companies, ** BUT THIS FOR INVESTOR OK WITH HIGH RISK, ADN DO YOUR OWN RESEACH ** or save side, just invest into the Funds mentioned above.

Also join the IFG telegram group for more questions

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Thanks for the response and highlighting the previous thread. Glad for this community:)

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They have now launched the BC class which is GBP accumulation version and will work better for the purpose vs BD.

I am assuming that you have a regular monthly investment setup for MSCI funds otherwise it will have a high transaction cost - See

Salams Zeeshan,

Whats BC class? what the different between BC and BD?

the regular monthly investment seem only for 388 stocks only, not the full range, especially AIM index stocks.

but still a good feature, if you are investing into iShare Islamic.

Thank you

Walikum as salam

BD = dividend distributing
BC = accumulation fund where dividend is not paid but automatically reinvested within the fund

These both are GBP denominated.

Previously they had IC class which was accumulation version in USD. Now its equivalent is BC class in GBP.

You would not be drawing money in the kids account for some time so BC will work better.