Trading with non-shariah compliant cryptocurrencies


I had purchased a cryptocurrency with the intention of trading and selling it for a higher price. However after doing a bit of research it seems like the asset I had bought may not be shariah compliant, so I traded it back.

For example:
I purchased £1000 worth of the cryptocurrency $ABC. It then increased in price by 10%, giving me £100 profit. I now find out $ABC is haram and proceed to sell it to get my money back, leaving me with £1100.

My question is, is the money I am left with now haram?
a) Is only the £100 profit classed as haram ?
b) Is the full £1100 now haraam?

I look forward to your answer, jazakallah hu khayran.

Assalaamu alaykum,

In this scenario, you must give away the capital gain of £100 away in charity and have right to keep the £1000. Also, you must seek forgiveness and repentance for engaging in something not compliant.

What about in the opposite scenario, where I have lost £100 so now end up with £900. Should I give away any capital?

Wa alaykum salaam,

In this scenario, you do not need to give anything away.