Trading with bullion vault

I am new bullion vault client i may not know everything and I need to know is it ok trade with bullion vault company link below.If i to trade with them they charge insurance to store gold once after buying while they hold the gold in storage they charge monthly but if i to sell it again within the month of purchase then there no charge for storage and insurance that what i can understand but please forgive me if i am wrong becuase i am new client i am saying as far i can understand .If i buy £5000 gold and then i have choice to sell it back to people who will look to buy gold from me.If i sell it back to them and then buy again from them it will be same i will need to pay insurance and they say that there is no interest for buying and selling also they do not ship the gold at home address but i need imam to have check please if its ok to trade ?.

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See the link below for an answer:

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I Like to thank you for reply to my question. Is it aloud for us to eat areca nuts with pan because in online its says that is drugs and it can give cancer and we have been eating for while is it ok to eat and previous question about bullion vault is that you said mandatory do you mean company mandatory also the insurance what i meant is i think it may have interest because the company is non muslim but is it ok if the company does not charge for storage and insurance if i sell within one month ?.

Jazzak allah

Assalamualaikum to mufti billal
I am still waiting about the previous question that asked