Trading advice from experts

Salams. This is a question to seasoned investors.
Im new to the whole investment thing-so would like the thoughts/advice of those that have already gone down the track.
Im looking to invest with AJ Bell and the HSBC islamic global fund.
Can anyone recommend any other funds/ETFs or any other stocks/shares that they have found to be beneficial-i understand thats its down to the market and i wont take your comments to be financial advice but im really struggling to make headway here and would like some clarity.

Well done on looking into investing. The earlier you start, the better i’A.
Admittedly, it is quite difficult to find Shariah Compliant investment options, though the brothers at IFG are doing a great job.
I have seen the following list of ETF’s which you can look into:
I cannot verify their shariah compliance, but it may be a good place to start.
Hopefully over the next few years, we will have more options.

Walkum as salam,

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You should also jump onto our telegram groups and just learn from the flowing conversation on there. I’ve personally picked up a lot.