Trading 212 Investment Account

As i got info about forex. I will apply my forex knowledge as swing trader to the stocks without any leverage or CFD. There is this broker called trading 212. they offer two seperate accounts. One for CFD. the other one is the invest account where you can only buy stocks without leverage and there is NO short option. only buy.
You would help so much if you could review this broker, so i could trade halal stocks on it.

Assalamu Alaykum,

Although the invest account gives you exposure to ownership of shares, you will need to do a Shariah screening of the shares you decide to invest in to ensure that the investment is Shariah compliant.

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam Thankyou for your reply brother.
Yess that’s why i will use the islamicly app. They do the screening on stocks if that’s okay.

Yes, if you use a Shariah stick screener, then that is fine.
Just make sure you do not use any non Shariah compliant facility on the platform.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

The following are its words of trading 212 (

How does Trading 212 make money?
"Our platform is making money from its CFD business, where the main revenue comes from the spread and the interest swap.

Our top priority is to provide an outstanding service for you as a trader and investor completely free of charge. We can assure you that our trading platform is commission-free and it has been profitable for the last 15 years."

So, does trading 212 make halal money?

Secondly, can I invest through it? What if they make haram money? I think the answer is that we shouldn’t care, right? Because investors are using their platform for investing purposes.

Jazak Allah khair!

@IbrahimQureshi i see brother but they have recently 2 accounts. They have a cfd account and they have invest account which means you buy real stocks and you cant short on them. So there 2 seperate accounts. But the invest account that could be considered halal right because you buy real stocks… if not brother do you know a broker who is halal ?

@OmarBiH7 Jazak Allah khair my brother for commenting. What’s great man!

So, I should leave the following statement to the muftis.

As our said:

So, I don’t think I know about any halal broker until now, but I know that “Wahed invest” is a robot advisor. Also, there is “sarwa”, which is also a robot advisor. But I think sarwa’ fees is cheaper than wahed invest, generally. I think IFG made a page about page regarding detailed review of sarwa.

I hope that you have benefited from my comments. If not, then you can check out the investment comparison page that IFG has done for us. If still it not help you, then please email to @ibrahimkhan who can assist you further.

Jazak Allah khair and may Allah reward us all the highest level of paradise.

@IbrahimQureshi selam brother. im a trader by myself. wahed investing investes for people, you can’t trade there by yourself !

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam selam
the comment that ibrahim made about trading 212, is it still permissible ? because on their invested account they don’t charge swap fees. they only earn money from cfd accounts like that.

Wa alaykum salaam,

It is permissible to use Trading 212 as long as your investments are Shariah compliant.

That is the elephant in the room I suppose @Mufti_Faraz_Adam. If the investments are ‘Shariah compliant’ then no doubt it will be halal. It is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. However, where the confusion arises is ‘What is Shariah Compliant’ and ‘How you vet it’ ? There are tools like ‘Finispia’ but then you have to be assured and satisfied that the tool is applying the correct principles (effectively the tool is now your mufti :wink: ). I personally find it too confusing and too risky and I believe due to this very same confusion and risk and the sheer complexity of how these financial transactions work these days, most contemporary scholars simply advice NOT to invest or get involved. If there is any simple and more safe way otherwise then I would be personally keen to know.

@Jamal_Yasin selam brother is you view it like that, then you shouldn’t buy anything from the west… not even a car.

Buying a car is very different than investing. I can buy a car from anywhere and from anyone. I don’t have to care (from Sharia perspective) if the company/person who is selling it, what kind of policies that company/person has and what are they going to do with my money, it will be their business and they will be accountable for it, not me. I mean from Shariah perspective I am allowed, very clearly. But investing is different, I am going to ‘earn’ from it and there are rulings and great emphasis on having it ‘halal/pure’ and lots of direct and indirect emphasis in ‘Quaran’ to keep your earnings ‘pure’ and stay away from ‘fitnah/doubt’ perhaps @Mufti_Faraz_Adam will agree with me here . And I don’t know why you bring in ‘west’ here ? There is no concept of ‘west/east/north/south’ in islam. In Islam it is either ‘haram/halal or doubtful’ regardless of it is from west/east/north or south :slight_smile:

@Jamal_Yasin So your buying a car from a west company that dealt with haram before to build up a company ? And there a lot of product like that from the west countries… so you shouldn’t buy it… inveating is a big term. Either you invest in a company or building it it’s still the same… major scholars say that there no problem with it… so why not taking word of it. Your view would also say that online shopping is not ok… because it should be hand to hand… we live in a complex world woth conplex systems thing go diffrently nowa days… thats why we have those scholars who figure it out and understanding it… i follow the majority of those scholars… and with investing you dont build becoming rich over night it will take a lot lot lot of years.

No brother @OmarBiH7 you mixing the two together (buying vs investing and I mean investing in the context of our discussions; investing in shares). Buying anything from a company who clearly deals with ‘haram’ before or after to build up a company is ‘allowed’ Shariah wise (right @Mufti_Faraz_Adam??) , you as a purchaser are not accountable for it. You simply have to ensure that your money that you paying to buy the item is halal and that you not going to utilize the item that you buying outside the boundaries of Shariah. And as far as scholars go, I don’t think there is any ‘generic blanket’ opinion on shares/stocks. I mean that was the crux of my first comment. It has to be done on a case by case basis and often due to the complexity involved, it is very very hard to get a clear answer so the choice is personal. Do you want to be on safe side and ‘resist’ or take the ‘doubtful’ approach. And the choice is also with scholars how and in what direction they want to lead the ummah towards and based on that they give their verdicts.

@Jamal_Yasin lol then why is “investing in stocks” not prohibited bu shariah and their coucil ?? Should i take your word for it or the shariah brother

‘Investing in stocks’ is not prohibited no doubt. I never said that. It depends on ‘what type of stock’, ‘what type of company’, their ‘practices’ etc etc and if the clear answer to all of these questions is ‘shariah compliant’ then I will be the first one to invest :slight_smile:. But as you will agree, often is the case that these things are not clear and often not possible to find out so stays doubtful and then its your choice, which route you take.

@Jamal_Yasin so didn’t the scholars made clear what we need to look for in these stocks that makes it permissible… if it wouldn’t be that case then it would be all prohibited… sure you can agree that this is logical.

Assalaamu alaykum,

Anybody who wants to invest in the stock markets must learn about screening or have a screening tool to ensure Shariah compliance. The tool isn’t the Mufti, the Shariah board and team behind the tool are. I would encourage you to study the following course: