Purchasing from online (some confusions)

Assalamu alaikum. Sorry to ask you again. Las time asked about buying from some one who does not own it. You said it is ok untill the person is working as agent. But my further confusion is,

  1. I don’t know if my seller S is a written agent of wholesaler W or not. S said me that the business is owned by her cousin. And she only posts the available images in online. Thats it. So is it ok to order S for booking something and paying her.
  2. So, when she says the price like 10 usd. it may be a case (99%) that she says the price along with her won profit. I am not 100% sure. Then she pays W 8 usd and keeps 2 usd as her profit. (may be this is the probable case. I am not sure though), In any way do I need to bother about it?
  3. What if S pay to W before I send money to her but does not take the position in her hand physically.That is W himself send the dress to me. (the product is not agricultural). Will it be ok? I am aware that S is not the owner of the product.
  4. to import product we have to take help from authorised importers. Who consult with C&F agent. And then proceed the process of releasing goods from the customs office. So, most of the time it seems that importers and C&F agents provide some false amount so that they don’t need to give more tax to the customs. Sometimes bribing also goes on!!! My question will I be liable any how for their bribing/ hiding truth to he customs? I pay them the amount that they charge me. But my question is most of the time they does not give proper tax/ data to the customs officers.
    PS: most of the c&f agents does so to pay less tax.it is kind of an open secret.

Sorry I made the question long!!! But please answer. May Allah bless you

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