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Assalamu alaikum. I hope you and your family are ok and safe.
Please check the below question
While buying online, sometimes seller show the product from suppliers which the seller does not own. Let seller S shows me a dress from the collection of wholesaler W. Now I ask S to book the dress. And then S books the product from wholesaler W. No payment is done. Then I pay to s, and s pay to w. W sends the product to s. And then s sends me the product. Is it ok? Please note the product is not agricultural.

Option 2: Supplier S is kind of dealer or wholesaler W.They are cousins.S shows product of W. I ask s to book the dress and send her money. She asks the product owner to send the product to my agents house.Here S does not take the possession of the dress. She just says W to keep the dress separate untill I pay her.

Please answer if the above system is ok?

Assalaamu alaykum,

  1. This is fine and not a problem.

  2. As long as S is just representing W as an agent, this is fine too.

Allah knows best

Walaikum assalam.

as for option 2 you said,

S said me it is the product of W. What if the price S states is including her profit(whiich may be the acttual case). Like if she says me the product price is 10 usd, then i send her 10usd and she sends 8 usd to W and keep 2usd as her profit? is ok fine?

Please reply :frowning:

and one more question,

to import product we have to take help from authorised importers. Who consult with C&F agent. And then proceed the process of releasing goods from the customs office. So, most of the time it seems that importers and C&F agents provide some false amount so that they don’t need to give more tax to the customs. Sometimes bribing also goes on!!! My question will I be liable any how for their bribing/ hiding truth to he customs? I pay them the amount that they charge me. But my question is most of the time they does not give proper tax/ data to the customs officers.
PS: most of the c&f agents does so to pay less tax.it is kind of an open secret.

Can you please rewrite this, I do not understand your response clearly?

  1. S has mentioned clearly it is not his product. Now I don’t know if they have any written contract with each other or not. And the price that S mentioned is including his profit(I assume so). But I know it properly that S is not selling his own product rather someone else’s product.

  2. What if, I tell S to find out a product for me. And then he finds it.He tells me the price.Including his profit. And if I agree, he collects it from the main source/seller (sometimes he himself pays the source, most of the time he does not pay). And then send it to me via any courier service.And I give the payment to delivery boy (that is I take the product on cash on delivery). And when S gets the payment then he pay the main source/seller of the product (if earlier he has not paid the main source/seller). Is it ok? Actually for me it is not possible to go every city by myself and buy the product.So I was willing to buy in this way.

  1. And in the previous comment I actually ment, sometimes to import any product you have to take service of legal importers. And they have to take service of C&F (clearing and forwarding agents). Who works as bridge between customs officer and the importer.Now sometimes to deduct the tax these agents as well as the importers provides the paper with less amount in bill. Like, the total cost was 1000usd.But in bill they write 800 usd. So will I be also a sinner if my importer does so.Actually almost 99.99% importers do so!!! I am taking the service from registered importers.But in deep down I have doubt may be they are giving less tax to customs.Though they assured me they give the proper tax.

  2. And, one thought just came in my mind, as we know we can not sell something that we don’t own.What about service?Like you are providing service of product delivery. Now when you pick up the product from the customer then you take it to your office. And then take the help of third party courier service to delivery the product to different places of the country, city. And you hold the responsibility of the product to the customer.If it is lost then customer will charge you. And customer also know you use 3rd party to do the work. Is it ok? (actually many more services, NOT product, are working now a days. That they are affiliated with someone else. And then they take the help of that entity/use that entity.)

waiting for your reply brother. @Mufti_Faraz_Adam