Invested in a Grey Area

Stock name: Revolve , Ticker: RVLV

I have a question regarding the permissibility of a particular stock that i invested into in the past, i still currently own this stock and wanted some clarification on this.

In regards to the finance screening, there were no red flags in terms of its accounts, largely what i found was that the accounts were very clean (no debt)

Note: it is mentioned in the IFG 0% debt stock list spreadsheet.

But the problem lies with the advertising the company carries out, for example it sells womenswear but quite a few models are not covering their ‘Aura’ shorts, dresses etc. and one can argue the company is promoting this type of clothing.

Would this stock be classified as haram due to this?


May Allah bless you.
Doing marketing whether with halal or haram contents, will not automatically have an impact on the income it generates. You might be using halal mean to market a halal product. But, you might end up selling this product via a haram mode of transaction. The opposite is also true.
In regards to the type of clothing, please see below the answer given by @Mufti_Faraz_Adam earlier.

And Allah knows best!

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Jazakallah khair, thank you for the clarification.