Zoya or Islamicly?

Hello brothers, sisters,

I hope my inquiry finds you well and in good health inshallah.

Subscribed in both Apps but please, which app to follow? Islamicily or ZOYA ?
Because they both have different screening criteria.

This question worth 10k dollars, because I started to invest without having knowledge about how in sharia law we screen stocks.

So both Apps have different screening criterias and both display different results regarding some of the stocks.

Which one to follow?

I will appreciate your answers.

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Wa alaykum salaam,

Both Zoya and Islamicly work with reputable scholars and have valid Shariah screening approaches.

I would advise that for any one investment, you follow one particular screening criteria and see through your entire investment according to that criteria.

The choice between Zoya and Islamicly is more of a commercial, customer service, user experience and user interface question.


Thank you very much for your time sheikh.
May Allah bless you.

I had purchased few stocks 1-2 years back, after checking with Zoya. Now I see they are changing into not compliant on Zoya, but are sharia compliant on Islamicly.
How to be sure when we buy a stock that will not be changed from compliant to no sharia compliant?
Which one to trust more Zoya or Islamicly?

good question this? anyone got an answer, jzk