Zakat Question: Fdya and zakat payment for dependants

Salaam Alaikum,

Are my daughters responsible for paying their own zakat and fidya if they have earnings or are we as parents still responsible until they marry or reach a certain age ?

Is it impermissible for parents to ask for a voluntary contribution to household expenses over and above what is normal to spend on ones children if they have completed their education and are employed full time.

Wa alaykum salaam,

According to the Hanafi school, Zakat is not due on minor children. According to the other schools of fiqh, Zakat is due on minor children if they qualify in terms of having the Nisab (threshold) equivalent in wealth.

It is not impermissible for parents to ask for a contribution to household expense when the children are employed full time. This is something which the adult, full-time employed children should consider and do happily to support their parents and family.

Allah knows best

Jazakallahu khairun for your response. I just need to clarify what ’ minor ’ means in Islamic terms.

Wasalam and may Allah reward you all for this excellent forum and website.

Minor in this context refers to children who are not mature. They have not reached the age of puberty and Salah is not obligatory on them at present.