Zakat Question: Charity donation intention

Salaams Mufti,

I don’t a smokey to Islamic charities regularly. I often classify this as Zakat which means I over pay zakat (as I’m worried about under paying my zakat).

Is this ok or are there strict rules around over paying as zakat and therefore should I change the intention to sadqa / lillah instead?

Assalaamu alaykum,

Can you clarify by what you mean “don’t a smokey”?

Really bad typo. It should read - I regularly donate online to Islamic charities and classify this as zakat - therefore overpaying my zakat - primarily because I fear underpaying my zakat and the associated sin. Is this ok or should my donation intention change to sadaqah / lillah?

This is fine, and you can have the intention of Zakat, it is not a problem.