Zakat on stocks & shares


Just thinking about my next Zakat year.

I am looking to answer a question about Zakat on stock & shares ISA as well as SIPP Pension invested in different stocks.

My pension is invested in Aegon HSBC Life Islamic Global Equity which is invested in big tech companies and halal. Does this fall under a Sharia Complaint Scheme or an Equity scheme?
I’ve always paid Zakat on the full amount of my pension and not just the Zakatable assets.

However I since learnt that you only need to pay Zakat on the zakatable assets.

I see here How to Deal with Zakat on Your Investments: 2022 Update | IFG

Our preferred view (after much thinking and consultation) is that you pay zakat on 40% of your pension pot value if you have a normal workplace pension (but make sure your workplace pension is halal in the first place).

However on this page Calculate Zakat on Pensions | SIPPs | Final Salary Pensions - IslamicFinanceGuru

For SIPPs (Self-Invested Personal Pensions), the zakat you pay will depend on what assets you have invested your SIPP into. If you have invested into an equities fund, use the same approach as above. Simply take 25% of the fund value and pay 2.5% on that.

Why is there such a difference from 40% to 25%, is it just because they are talking about different types of pensions? Or because the 40% page is older?

When I use the Zakat calculator on your website it uses 25%.

When I use the NZF zakat calculator it either uses 26 or 27% based on whether it is a Sharia Complaint Scheme or an Equity scheme. What is the difference between the two?

I feel safer using 40% but I’d like to know more.

Separately I’m going to open a stocks and shares ISA and invest in a ETF that invests in Sharia compliant companies. I want to hold these stocks and shares for a long time to help me buy a house in about 10 years or so. I can see all the holdings in this ETF, but hasn’t someone already documented all the Zakatable assets for each business on the stock exchange? Furthermore if I’m holding this for long term then do I pay zakat on the dividents?

Can I use the same 40% proxy value when calculating my Zakat?