YouTube + Google Adsense

Salam Aleykum.

I am a content creator on YouTube, and I want to earn some money through this platform.

Firstly, earning on YouTube is done through advertisements that appear to viewers in the videos.

Secondly, the content of the advertisements is automatically determined based on the viewer’s location, their general internet browsing habits, and the content of my channel. For example, if there is someone interested in gaming and they watch gaming videos, the advertisements they are likely to see would be related to games.

If two people are watching my channel at the same time and an advertisement appears, the content of the advertisement may be different for each of them. Additionally, the advertisements shown to a viewer are relevant to products available in their country and from local companies.

Thirdly, as a content creator, I have control over the advertisements on my channel. For instance, if someone interested in books comes to my channel and I have disabled advertisements related to books, they will not see any book-related ads.

The advertisements are typically short (30/60 seconds), and viewers have the option to skip them.

I have prohibited all advertisements promoting haram (forbidden) content but have allowed advertisements for permissible things.
If they(advertisements for permissible things) may be accompanied by soft background music or a woman without a head covering. What is the ruling regarding earning money through such advertisements?

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