Writing a software for pubs (food & drink)

Asslam o Alaikum Brother and Sisters, I hope you are all well and safe.

I have a quick question on my consultancy work situation. I have been offered a short term software design contract which is going to be used in pubs for ordering drinks and food.

I would like to know if I am okay to accept that contract? I believe pubs make most of their money from selling drinks which is totally prohibited.

Jazak Allah

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May Allah bless you.

Can you clarify the following:

  • are you contracted by the pubs directly or by a third party? if it is the latter, then what is their primary business?
  • what does the software do? is it a generic software, which can be used for what ever purpose a person chooses to? or is it specifically designed to facilitate taking the orders?

Kind regards

Jazak Allah for your reply.

I got this project from a third party person who is in direct contact with the software supplier. I believe, that supplier is a software company who designs softwares for different industries, I need to double check.

I will be part of this project for 2 months as a consultant. The main software has already been designed and in use by various pubs in different countries.

I have been asked to do some enhancements to an existing application.

At the moment, this point of sale application is being used in pubs for ordering drinks and food. I don’t know if it will be rolled out to other businesses like restaurants.

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My understanding from what you have explained is that:

A) you are contracted by a software company and not the pubs. Then there will not be any issue with receiving a wage from such company.

B) The software is not designed for haram purposes only, but it can be used by other halal industries. It is the client i.e. the pubs who chose to use it for selling alcohols.
If the enhancement you will be making is for the software in general then, I do not see any issue with you accepting the contract.
However, if the enhancement is very specific to the pubs’ sector i.e. the software with its changes cannot be transferred to another industry, then I would advice you to best avoid this offer.

And Allah knows best!

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