Working on a Credit Card Affiliate website

Assalam o Alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu!

My 2nd question for you folks :slight_smile:

This is related to my first one Working in a 'fintech' startup

I am still employed at the same company but I am now working in a different capacity. A was assigned to work with the General Manager/ Owner of a company/website that our company recently acquired

The merger will allow to improve their service as they will now have access to all of Array’s services i.e. they will be able to acquire access to the users’ Credit Reports and give better suggestions.

From Clyde’s website:

General Disclaimer

Clyde is an independent credit card comparison service that provides analysis tools and editorial opinions. We strongly believe in financial equality and transparency, which is why we suggest using our free recommendation service which analyzes your bank statement to produce data-driven recommendations. Note that we receive compensation from some (but not all) financial products that we review which may impact where we display the products of our partners.

Editorial Disclaimer

All of the editorials offered on this site are independently contracted to avoid incentive bias. Accordingly, you can trust that the editorial opinions on this site are explicitly our own — or the community’s consensus.

Essentially, Clyde helps people find the right Credit Card for them. We don’t charge users a dime, we simply get paid a commission by the banks for every Credit Card approval done via our referral links etc. My job is primarily meant to manage a team of engineers, designers, SEO specialists to tackle various development tasks but so far I have been tasked with assisting my GM in any way that I can, for example:

  • Arranging meetings
  • Shortlisting engineering candidates
  • Corresponding with our CC affiliate network as the site’s primary Compliance Manager
  • Editing website content for compliance purposes (basically if we don’t have accurate information about the credit cards etc. we lose the affiliate license etc.)
  • Reviewing articles about our cards for compliance and subsequently publishing them on the website for SEO purposes.

One thing that I will definitely be tasked with is forming relationships to add more CC’s to our network, that is solely my GM’s job.

As you can imagine, the majority of the cards we’re marketing are Riba based. I spoke to my manager if I could be reassigned as I was uncomfortable working on this project to which he replied:
" but you understand our whole business is revolving around credit. People pull credit reports only to get a loan, credit cards, mortgages, car loans - its all one and the same thing "

I am still employed by Array and still get paid by Array - the assignment did not affect my salary, nor will I be receiving any commission for working on Clyde.

According to this answer from islamqa this job is impermissible. I am not looking for a greenlight. I just want an expert’s opinion on my specific circumstance.

Jazak Allah.