Working in online trading company

I got an offer from a trading company. This company trades online and it does not look at halal and haram when it trades. As a result, parts of its revenue are halal and part of it is haram. I want to ask whether it is permissible (halal) to work for this company? I do not know also how much of its revenue is halal and how much is haram. ( I think that it is impossible to learn how much is halal because it trades a mix of bonds, liquidities, options, currency, etc). The nature of the job is developing and researching algorithms to enhance the efficiency of online trading.


May Allah bless you.
There is two things, one is the role you will be performing and secondly the source of income of the employer.
Since your role will involve the enhancement of haram trading too, it will not be permissible to take up this job.
If at the moment, you are in real need of an income to afford the basic necessities, then you can take up the job until you can find another halal alternative as soon as possible.

And Allah knows best!