Working in Development Financial Institution

Assalamualaykum. Is it permissible to work in conventional development financial institutions (DFI) considering their mandate is different than commercial banks?


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Can you provide with details of the job description please.

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The job description is to engage with Government authorities and private companies on different development projects in economic and social infrastructure as well as to support economic activity of micro small and medium enterprises for larger goal of job generation. The types of intervention are through debt and equity.

I believe it will depend on 1. the sort of development projects that are concerned i.e. does it involved the development of non shariah compliant project; 2. the level of your engagement related to these projects e.g. are you negotiating for the best interest-based debt deal, or are you helping in acquiring equities in non shariah compliant companies. I would need to see these details to provide with a specific ruling.
Otherwise the general ruling for me would be that if the role involves negotiating or. facilitating any sort of non halal transactions and activities, then this would not be permissible.
@Mufti_Faraz_Adam might comment further if needed.