Working in conventional banks

Is the general view of working in a conventional bank (in a western society) that the income earned will not be permissible, regardless of type of role (e.g HR role in a bank would still be considered Haraam?). Is there any cases where working in a bank would be allowed?


May Allah bless you.
In general, some scholars are against taking up employment in a conventional bank even if the role itself may be halal, because it amounts to supporting an anti shariah compliant system and aiding others in sin.
On the other hand, some scholars see it as permissible to take up a halal function within a conventional bank.
Based on the above, many scholars see it as tolerable for someone to work in a bank out of necessities, with the condition that, the person strives to look for employment elsewhere. This is in my opinion the most correct view.

And Allah knows best!