Working in Commodity trading

Assalam alaykum,
I carefully consulted your forum and I wasn’t able to find clear answer to my questions.

I’m working as a quantitative analyst in a non-physical hedge fund in Western Europe, i.e. I automatize our trading activites (e.g. collect data and make it available for traders), and perform statistical analysis, mainly in order to understand the supply/demand dynamics of the market.

Our desk is trading crude oil and refined products only on futures (cash settled only, no physical delivery at the end), sometimes options, and more rarely swaps.Our counterparties are typically physical oil players (Shell, BP, etc.), companies that seek to mitigate their risk (Airline companies, farmers, etc.), or (investment) banks /hedge funds.

If I evolve, I’ll probably contribute to designing trading strategies on positions ranging from days to week.

  1. Is my job haram ? Makruh ? Or shubha to some extent?
  2. If so, what should my attitude be ?
    Knowing that I’m waiting to find out if I can continue this activity to see if I can afford to marry a woman who’s waiting for me, should I leave my position asap or do I have the flexibility to get married, stabilize myself and then retrain in another field ?
  3. Is it permissible for me to seek a similar position in a physical trading company ?
    The difference is that they’ll not only be trading cash-settled futures, but also physical-settled, along with other activities.

JazakumAllahu kheiran.

I’m bumping my post as I still need help, if @Mufti_Billal or @Mufti_Faraz_Adam or a brother/sister can help me :slight_smile: