Working in an energy trading/distribution company

As salamu alaykum

I recently came across a job posting on LinkedIn for an energy company (always been interested in energy and how it all works, so I decided to have a proper look). It’s for a company that trades on the energy markets and also handles logistics (they also own some energy production facilities).

The job itself is working on an oil trading desk, not directly as a trader or a quant, but in an “analytics” role (essentially acting as a software development resource for the desk). From what I understand the job involves building market analysis tools, I don’t believe there’ll be any direct trading involved (the algorithmic trading engines are built by another team in the company).

I know the energy markets use futures and options a lot (which as far as I’m aware are haram instruments) - would this make the job impermissible? I assume they also have a large presence in spot markets.

Jazakallah khair,

Did you get an answer to your question?