Working in Advertising Agency for BFSI Clients


Trust you are doing well.

I work as in a advertising and public relations company,

as digital marketing assistant, managing Brand campaigns online on Facebook, Google and other web/app publisher

I couldn’t find any one to answer my question as most of the people are unaware of the working in digital industry or the Agency-Client ecosystem wherein The Agency has set of clients onboarded, We are given set of clients we work with, say ecom, airlines, beauty, health, pharma etc. I am on right now working with Beauty and Wellness client.

My question is, the company is telling me to work on one of its Insurance client, is it permissible for me to work on Banking and Insurance client, as their aim is to sell their products or build brand image through marketing communication by doing advertisements online.

Also I don’t get choice to ask which client I’ll be working for, it is at the agency discretion to decide as per the resources available.

Please help and address my query, so that I can take a call over it.

And Allah is the source of strength.

Jazakallah khair.


May Allah bless you.
The role of digital marketing assistant is permissible in itself.
In your situation, as you are an employee, I would look at the type of clients your company has. Since there is a mixture of both: clients with halal or haram businesses, I would look at who do you get involved with the most? If it’s those with a halal business, then I would consider your role to be permissible and the income to be halal.
This is the same assessment I made for those involved in the security industry, where sometimes the security guard has not control over the venue he works at. Sometimes he might have to work in a pub or nightclub.

P.S: Also I would always advice to keep searching for what is more suitable for someone’s deen in the long term. Like after gaining more experience, try to set up your own business etc so you have more control over whom you dealing with.

And Allah knows best!

Jazakallah Khair for a quick reply.

The company has a mixture of clients from various different industries as their portfolio and every individual is given brands based on quantity work it is required on them(brand) to be done.

So the involvement of clients business is currently is related to the marketing spends they make, it goes up, down or nil it is based on clients/brands discretion but my salary being a constant fixed factor every month.

And Alhamdulillah my involvement is more on the other client (Beauty and Wellness).

Yes that’s the plan , it’s been only 3 years I started working after my education.

May Allah reward you abundantly for the assistance :slight_smile: Ameen