Working in a subcontractor company

Salamu Alaikum,
I’m an engineering student and I’m about to choose an engineering field, I’m actually interested in cybersecurity field and I feel I can make a good career on it, but actually I see that most of job offers come from subcontractor companies, which can have banks and insurance institutions as clients. My question is if I choosed this field and worked in those companies as a cybersecurity engineer and they gave me a project with a bank or insurance institution, what should I do in that case ? Is it permissible for me to accept this kind of projects or not ?


May Allah bless you.
If my understanding is correct, as an engineer, you are only securing the IT system of the clients, you are not involved in transactions etc. I do not see any issues with it even though some of the clients might be banks and insurance companies.

And Allah knows best!