Working in a software company that is partially involved in insurance

Assalamu alaykum

I have a question which I hope you can answer.

I am working in a company that develops customized software products. The company is incorporated in Canada, and most of the management and leadership are based in the Canada office. The software development team is mostly based in Bangladesh, of which I am a member.

This company develops software in the real estate sector. Our softwares mostly accumulate analytical data relevant to real estate professionals, like visitor trend of a building, room wise occupancy details, occupancy trend, temperature trend, etc. We only focus on commercial buildings.

Our clients are mainly real estate companies and companies which sell different devices capable of collecting the data mentioned above.

As per the information I obtained from my company’s management, all the tenants operating businesses in any building are required by law to obtain some form of insurance. I think the insurance is mostly related to property damage.

One of the features of our softwares is that, the tenants have to upload digital copies of their insurance documents to the software, and the software automatically notifies them whenever a particular insurance expires.

= Our company does not deal directly with the insurance companies
= We do not suggest any insurance policy to anyone, or process any insurance policy
= We only collect the insurance documents and track the expiry dates. To summarize, we just have a notification and alert system to track whether every tenant has submitted all insurance documents, and whether all the documents are within date
= The insurance document tracking is only a small part of our software. As developers we don’t even have to work on this part most of the times.

I have read articles on IFG regarding the permissibility of insurance in Islam, and I also watched an IFG youtube channel video on this : [Is Insurance is Halal? - An Explanation of the Arguments For Insurance - YouTube] (

However, I am still confused whether my particular role as a software developer is permissible.

I hope you can elaborate on this matter, Mufti sab.

JazakAllah khair

Your role as a software developer, creating a system to track insurance document expiry dates, appears permissible in Islam. Since your company doesn’t directly deal with insurance policies and your involvement is limited to developing a notification system, it aligns with Islamic principles. However, for a more specific and detailed response, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified Islamic scholar or Mufti who can consider the unique aspects of your situation.