Working in a crypto comany that does software as a service

I read the article about working in crypto, it is great, thank you for that!

I got a question about working in software development for a company that provide middleware solutions, think like Firebase or Microsoft, customers uses the APIs, SDK, dashboards as middleware to build whatever they want.

The company build the tool and empower customers, who then can create what they want, currently DEFI is the trend and that have interest based activities involved so some customers will use the our products for that, they are also just a group of customers and there are others who use the product as infrastructure only. The trends can change later for example with gaming trends and play to earn and who knows what the next trend would be.

Company main source of income is investment from private funds.

This is the case i think for most SaaS companies where they provide a service that can be used by different customers, banks are some of the customers usually, it is unlikely that there is a successful SaaS company out there that does not have some of the fortune 500 companies using it, banks and financial institutions are a good portion of the fortune 500 companies.