Working in a Company that deals with Halal as well as Unislamic projects

Assalamualikum Sheikh,

I work in company that deals with a few projects that are completely halal no doubt. Quite recently we have started to work on projects that basically are setting up music systems and DJ system solution to a restro-bar which serves alcohol as the name suggests. The have DJ nights where its a club like setting etc.

I have to spend my time and talent designing the entire sound system and the DJ desks for the same. Being the project lead, also involves meeting with the clients and DJs that are most of the time non mahram women who are not even fully clothed. It is very difficult to even lower my gaze, as you know how women these days wear short pants exposing their legs completely!

If not me, there is no one else who can take up this project as we are a very small company. I want to distance myself as much as possible from this particular and many more upcoming projects of this sort.

My question is, Should I quit immediately and then look for another job and have 100% faith that Allah swt would provide me with a better halal job? My driving license is at stake if I quit this job immediately, but if this is the right thing to do, Then I have no second thoughts.


Should I not make a hasty decision and start looking for a job and leave when I get one? Inshallah

I also am involved in a project that is contracting for the third expansion of Masjid al-Haram and I feel really blessed to be involved in that one.

This is confusing me, please advise according to Shari’'ah what would be the 100% right thing to do.


May Allah bless you.

I am not sure what your company is about and what is the role you are doing.
However, if you have doubt about this job and feel you are not comfortable in the environment you are working in, then find yourself another job but don’t quit the current one, until you find a more suitable one.

And Allah knows best!