Working in a commercial real estate company and investment firm

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

I accepted a role with a commercial real estate company and an investment firm called CBRE. I will be working as an Associate Project Manager- Move Management. The job description of the position is as follows:

1.Manages all facets of project management (budget, schedule, procurement, quality & risk) for individual real estate projects including planning, design, construction, occupancy and closeout.

2.Demonstrates capability to read, understand and apply standard documents affecting real estate projects, including but not limited to: agreements/contracts, leases, work letters, project charters, surveys and drawings.

3.Interfaces directly with clients to define project requirements. Prepares scope of work, project delivery resource requirements, cost estimate & budget, work plan schedule & milestones, quality control, and risk identification.

4.Identifies project delivery resources from pre-qualified lists; Conducts simple request for proposals; completes bid analysis with management support. Recommends resources to clients.

5.Leads project delivery resources/team (typically smaller team) providing project guidance and direction to achieve project goals.

6.Implements communication plan for meetings and written reports/meeting minutes to keep client and project resources informed. Facilitates project meetings.

7.Implements project documentation governance aligned with company and client requirements. Ensures project data integrity and documentation is accurate, timely and coordinated.

8.Tracks progress of each project against goals, objectives, approved budgets, approved timelines. Reports status and variances. Creates action plans to meet objectives, budget and schedule.

9.Implements change management routines to assess change requests, make recommendations, secure Client approvals, and issue change orders. Assesses change requests to determine impacts to scope, budget, schedule, quality and risk with management support.

10.Implements standard risk management routines with management support, to identify project risks, develop risk mitigation and contingency plans, and implement action plans to reduce or eliminate project risks. Other duties as assigned.

I did my due diligence on how the company generates revenue and the revenue is generated through the following: " Commercial property, corporate facilities, project and transaction management, property and agency leasing, capital markets solutions, real estate investment management, valuation, development services, and proprietary research"

In regards to investment management:The company
offers investment management services, including investment funds, separate accounts, and advisory services for real estate investors. The company generates revenue through asset management fees, performance fees, and carried interest as of 2021, it consists 14% of the revenue that CBRE generates"

Given all these information, can I work in this company? If not, how can I proceed now that I have just accepted a position with the company?

Jazakumullah Khair,