Working for trading software company

Asalamu alaykum. I work as a client support analyst. My role is to help clients solve any technical issues they encounter when using our software. The software is used for energy market trading. I am aware that some of the trading solutions this company provides are generally considered permissible. However, the company also has software for option trading which I know is generally considered impermissible. If a client asks me for help to use the options trading software, am I permitted to help them?
JazakAllah khair! :slight_smile:

Wa alaykum salaam,

If your assistance is directly supporting and directing them on how to make an impermissible trade, then such a service would not be Halal. Income received in lieu of this should be purified.

Allah knows best

JazakAllah khair for your swift response. May Allah reward you for all the good work you do for the community.