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Assalamualikum. I’m a 28 year old muslim man based in Mumbai, India searching for employment. I’ve been offered a Customer service position for Revolut (neobank) Could you please tell me if it’s halal or haram to work for Revolut in the capacity of a customer support executive?

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Wa alaykum salaam,

What does your job description involve?

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Providing our users with an outstanding customer experience - it’s part of our mission to make Revolut users feel secure whilst using our service
● Providing excellent customer service via our in-app live chat, phone and email
● Representing Revolut online at all times
● Collaborating with other teams internationally to tackle any customers’ issues

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Assalaamu alaykum,

It is best and advisable to stay away from any position in any conventional financial firm. However, scholars have made a distinction between the roles in such institutions. They state that if a role is not directly involved in selling, advising or supporting unlawful transactions, it can be acceptable.

If your role involves selling unlawful and non compliant services and products, then you must abstain from it.

Allah knows best


una pregunta revolut es halal o haram.

Salam mufti sahb.

Is working as Anti money Laundering analyst halal in fintech…?