Working for consulting company that also provides defense consulting


I have a question regarding the permissibility for a position i am interested. I am thinking to apply for a position in a top consulting firm however, i am puzzled on the permissibility of it in islam as they also provide consultancy work for the defense industry that produces weapons. I have no clue on the type of work that we are doing for them. is it okay to apply for the position ?

Jazakallah Khayr


May Allah bless you.
Consulting in defence matters is not impermissible per se. The issue will be regarding the impact it will have i.e. if there weapons are used to kill innocent people ect.
If possible you should stay away from it. Otherwise, if you feel you need this job for a salary as a temporary measure, or you think there is nothing that indicate that innocents will be at risk etc, then you can apply for it.

And Allah knows best!