Working for Amazon and haram income

Assalaamu Alaykum Mufti

I work in the in-house Accounting department at Amazon. I had two questions:

  1. When assessing if source of income is halal, do you look at the subsidiary company that is employing you (in my case: Amazon UK Services Limited) or the consolidated group (, Inc)?

  2. If, hypothetically, 5-10% of the revenue or profits is from haram sources, is one obligated to give away 5-10% of one’s basic salary? Or can one assume that the salary is being obtained from the halal side of the business and keep all of it? (Note that I am assuming my specific role is intrinsically halal inshaAllah)

Jazak Allah Khair


May Allah bless you.

If your role in Amazon is shariah compliant then there is no issues in my opinion.

And Allah knows best!