Working For a Software Consultancy company

As Salaamu Alaykum
I have received a job offer from a software consultancy firm that conducts projects in many sectors such as public, retail and energy but also does projects for banks and insurance companies. If I were to accept the job offer I could be working up to 3 months at a time on projects in any of these industries and it is very likely that during my time there I will be working for a bank/insurance company. The nature of these projects could be something that directly assists in a haram activity (maybe building a platform for requesting riba loans for example) or it could be something that assists the bank but does not directly provide a haram service.

My pay comes from the consultancy so is not directly tied to the projects I do and I believe that the majority of the income of the consultancy firm is not from these banks/insurance companies.

What would be your advice on taking up such a job (considering I have a job offer from a different company that is not a consultancy and my work there would not be in the financial sector).
JazakomAllahu Khayran

Wa alaykum salaam,

Based on what you’ve said, if its very likely that you will be servicing unlawful sectors, then from an Islamic perspective, the other job could well be better if it means you will be working in Halal sectors.

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