Working for a payments processor

السلام عليكم

I have recently been hired as an Implementation Manager at a payments processor company based in the US. My job consists of card program setups for clients who may be banks or other companies being sponsored by banks for their card programs. These card programs may be prepaid, debit or credit. I coordinate for clients with the card network (visa, MasterCard etc.) and printers in the case of physical cards. Depending on the features opted in by clients, I will also arrange services such as websites, chargeback services, fraud services and other various software tools that will allow the clients to make financial decisions on cards such as credit limits, digital wallets and so on.

I wasn’t aware of the exact nature of the job before going into it. Is this job halal? At this point it’s my only source of income but I could probably find other work باذن الله

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Need your advice on this

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In case you missed it, hoping for your advice on this.
Jazaakallah Khair

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Could really use your advice on this.

جزاكا الله خيرا

Could do with some advice on this. Not sure if what I’m doing is halal. And is there anyway to avoid the sin of interest, e.g. by paying out sadqa, until I can find a new job?

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Wa alaykum salaam,

Can you please list everything you do.

I am an Implementation Manager for Client card programs so I am basically a project manager for each client implementation. Some things I do are:

  • coordinate technical setup for client processing program
  • work with client to define their processing program and coordinate with technical teams, i.e. setup meetings, align respective resources, provide documentation to the client, ensure it is filled correctly, and pass it on to respective team or 3rd party
  • liase with Card network (visa, MasterCard etc.)
  • setup security protocols between client, card network and card printer
  • liase with Card printer to print cards in case of physical cards
  • arrange other services from internal teams such as chargeback, fraud services, contact centre services.etc. as part of the clients implementation
  • coordinate testing and use case discussions

Basically my role is management and coordination of the clients card program until it goes live.

I hope that gives some clarity.

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