Working at a hedge fund (trading software development)


I wanted to discuss working at a hedge fund in their front office. The role itself involves building software that is used for trading and developing models that are used for algorithmic trading. The actual trading itself is done by computers (there are no people involved).

Overall, the hedge fund trades all types of financial instruments(equities, options, futures, forex etc) and I do not know which specific asset class my team will build software/tools for. For any one asset class like equities, I do not know what specific instruments will get traded (so both halal and haram instruments will fall here I guess).

I am happy to provide further information if possible from my end. Please let me know if there are any questions here.


May Allah bless you.
As you mentioned, hedge fund trade all of types of financial instruments which are usually non shariah compliant. For this reason it is not permissible to help in developing a software that will enhance the trading algorithm of these instruments.

And Allah knows best!