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I’ve seen an ad at a financial newspaper here in the UK for a software engineer role working on their internal systems, so this would be working on tools that they use to publish articles, manage subscriptions as well as how they can manage ad sales too. The job ad is here:

I was wondering if this would be a halal role to apply for, given that it’s at a newspaper whose primary role is to report on financial news, which would then be used I imagine by people doing things involving riba. However, as the role is working on their internal systems is there some level of detachment from actually publishing the news?

Is this detachment far enough or should I avoid applying for this?

JazakAllah Khair


May Allah bless you.
If there is no haram duties involved in your role, then there is nothing wrong with working with FT.

And Allah knows best!

JazakAllah khair @Mufti_Billal!

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