Working as tax Consultant in non muslim Country

Salam may Allah reward you for your work. I studied 4 years tax/economy in university.
My Job is to advise my clients in tax issues and calculate everything for them so that the government knows how much taxes my clients have to pay. And in my calculation sometimes I also have to see riba payments. These riba payments lower the profit for my clients and that lowers the tax. I also see the amount of interest my clients have to pay to the goverment or the amount of riba they get from the goverment.
The 1 Question: Is it allowed to work as a tax consultant and calculator trying to help my clients in tax subjects (decrease the tax) which are very difficult for the average people to understand. (involving sometimes riba aspects mentioned)
2 Question: What about simply teaching economy or tax in school, University which also means i have to teach how riba works, how it is calculated in contracts and so on. I know some of the students will most likely practice riba after it. Am i sinful for teaching them how ecenomy works knowing they will do haram after it.
3 Question: Does it make a difference to whom i teach? For example students who just learn in theory and students where i know they will implement riba parts. May Allah bless you. I really need help, cause i have to study in again if my work is haram.

Wa alaykum salaam,

  1. Yes, this is permissible as your role and workings is ex post and not ex ante to Riba.

  2. Yes, it is permissible to teach.

  3. No, it doesn’t matter who you teach.

Allah knows best

Thank you very much. But to answer number 1 i have something to add. So these payments of riba that the government pays to my clients or the riba that my clients have to pay to the government must be confirmed from me before the payment actually takes place, because i have to check the amount, is it still halal.
Furthermore part of my job is to create the balance sheet for my clients (Companys). In the balance sheet you see the assets and the liabillities. Parts of the Liabilities are Loans with riba. So my clients give me their loan contracts/plans and i have to calculate create a balance sheet based on that. Can you please give me the ruling on that part.