Working as software developer customizing Dynamics 365

Assalamu alaikum

I have a career related question to the respected moderators of this forum.

I have recently obtained a job offer from a German company that produces and installs lithium battery storage systems. I live in Bangladesh, but the job offer is a work-from-home type.
In addition to producing battery storage systems, the company also collaborates with third-party partners, providing them with training, marketing/sales support, consultation, and product configurations.

My would-be supervisor is a Muslim and he explicitly told me that the entire organization does not have any involvement in interest, insurance, or other haram activities.

The organization uses a very popular CRM solution developed by Microsoft, called Dynamics 365. This product can be customized by clients after purchase.

Dynamics 365 is and end-to-end generic product with multiple modules like Sales, Marketing, HR management, Accounting, Budgeting, Financial forecasting, supply chain management, etc. I went through the product promotion pages and did not find anything “Shariah in-compliant”. However, after I purposefully searched the product manuals, then I found that it is possible to calculate and process interest (which is quite expected since Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end generic system). But please note that this feature is something the software users can choose to use or not use.

My job in this organization would be as a software developer for any kind of software the organization currently uses / would use in the future. Other than developing software from scratch, my role would also include making technical customizations to Dynamics 365 (writing code for updating sales forms / registering partners / etc.)

Respected Mufti @Mufti_Billal and Mufti @Mufti_Faraz_Adam, is there any impermissible element in this prospective job?

JazakAllah khair


Your job seems fine and looks like a great opportunity for a D365 role, well done.

May Allah put barakah in it and grant you more.

Wa alaykum salaam,

Since you provide lawful generic services and the customisation is down to the individual users, it would be permissible to work in such services.

Allah knows best

Thank you Mufti Faraz for your explanation.
JazakAllah khair