Working as pensions administrator

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Salaamu aleikum
I’ve been offered a vacancy as a trainee pensions administrator at lane clack and Peacock (LCP). I’m really struggling to get my head around whether being a pensions administrator would be haram halal or makruh ( I follow the hanafi madhab , which has varying levels of dislike when assisting in sin). LCP is a consultancy in London, which have a whole insurance dept. So my salary is also potentially questionable. Plzadvise, I have to answer by tomorrow


May Allah bless you,
It all depends on the nature of the work, but if it involves processing payments of money earned from riba based investments or processing contribution into non shariah compliant funds, then these activities will not be considered as halal.
My advice is that if you really need an income (or the training) until you find something more suitable and halal, then to go ahead with it for now.

And Allah knows best!