Working as HR Administrator for a Corporate law firm halal?


I work as an HR Administrator for a corporate law firm. It’s a large business that has lawyers and staff who provide legal services for different business and industries. My concern is it might be haram as the lawyers specialise in different fields and industries such as providing legal services for banks and insurance advice as well as legal advice and litigation for the financial sector. They have a lot of FTSE 100/ 500 clients and clients who operate in a multitude of industries such as hospitality, finance, travel etc. They have a lot of corporate clients who are banks and therefore banks deal with interest and other haram financial activities. They have a Fraud team, finance litigation, an occupational health team to name only a few. they have a lot of different clients. Is this permissible as I work in HR and I’m not involved in any of the legal activities? For context my role in HR involves completing templates of contracts of employment, doing background checks on new starts, right to work checks, answering employee queries regarding various different things such as their holiday entitlement, recording sickness absences. Assisting payroll, salary changes, creating employee change letters, producing MI reports Etc. I’m not sure if my job is halal or not but I’m not sure - for example my thoughts were that I conduct the background check that allows the employee to complete work for the banks and for example I create the contract which the lawyer signs (although I’m not involved in recruitment activities)



May Allah bless you.
From a shariah perspective, the lawyer must fight for justice. No matter who the client is. Since being a lawyer is not haram in itself, being part of the recruitment process of a lawyer will not be haram either.

And Allah knows best!

Is this still the case when the clients are banks and insurance companies who deal with interest? Also if I am involved in administering employee benefits, pensions, health insurance?

I also do some kind of job in a law firm in dubai and I think it is the best organization I have been working in HR administrator.