Working as brand manager or ceo

I am planning to obatin an MBA degree and join any local or multinational organization.If i work for a company that sells hala products only but advertise their products with women models and as a brand manager or ceo i have to look after those marketing policies;i have to take decisions in which programs the company will donate money for advertising it’s products such as in reality shows,singing comepetition.Will my earings be halal?

Assalaamu alaykum,

Shariah Compliance also covers marketing strategies. As a person responsible for marketing, you should ensure your job and advice is Shariah compliant.

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But companies have their own terms and policies.I live in Bangladesh.It’s a peoples republic.Not a islamic state.So,almost all companies here don’t think about shariah.Though they trade on halal products but their advertising policy isn’t according to shariah.Such as they use women models or sponsor singing competition.So,if i work in any of those companies and try my best to follow islamic gudilines but in some cases i have to do some things like making marketing strategy according to companies terms.Will my income be halal?
Note:The company trade on halal products and planing those advertising strategy is not mu sole work there.I have oher things to do.
Thanks in advance.

I would recommend discussing with your local scholars on the particulars of your case.

In sha allah…Thanks for your advice