Working as an Accountant in a non-riba company taking riba loans

Assalam Alykum Mufti,

I work as an Accountant for a start-up auto parts Saudi company and for 1 year there was no any riba related loans or activities alhamdulillah but recently with the COVID-19 issue the company was forced to take a loan with interest and my role in it all is that of nothing but to make the journal for the loan after it is acquired and nothing more.

My question is that, Is it permissible to continue working in the company? the risk involved is that I’m a foreigner here and stopping my work in this company will lead to deport to my home country which is in a war state currently.

Thank you for your work and May Allah put baraka in your efforts.


May Allah bless you.
Recording a riba transaction after it has been completed is not impermissible in itself. Therefore you can carry on with your current role.

Some people may have an objection with the above, as they are scholars who are of the opinion that the record of a riba transaction is haram. The reason why there is a difference of opinion is due to the interpretation of the hadith narrated by Muslim, where the prophet (pbuh) cursed those who record interest based transactions.
Some scholars say the meaning of the hadith involves all sort of interest based transactions (even if it has been completed), whilst other scholars are of the opinion, that the hadith relates to those who record the interest agreement to help complete the transaction.

And Allah knows best!