Working as a software developer

Assalamu alaikum @Mufti_Billal, @Mufti_Faraz_Adam

I would like to know, as a software developer or software tester of an ecommerce site like (amazon, rakuten, alibaba) one’s main responsibilities is to

  1. developing new apis so that new features can be added to the website and the mobile app of that ecommerce site.

  2. As a testing part one needs to verify if the new developed feature is working properly or not.

  3. No feature is specifically made for any specific product but for specific seller type. That is if you are a seller who allow mobile banking payment then specific option will be given to you. Or else not.

It does not care what you are selling! from beef to pork, water to wine any thing is available in the commerce sites. But as a software developer of an ecommerce site you have nothing to do with what a shop/seller is selling. You just add new features to the website/app and ensure its (features) quality.
I hope it is ok??

Wa alaykum salaam,

Your role is fine as long as you are not creating a solution specifically to serve a Haram industry or Haram product only.

Allah knows best

Thanks for your reply.