Working as a quantitative analyst/researcher

Assalamualaikum. I am now in my final year in computer science degree and I am interested in working in trading/investment firm as a quantintative analyst/researcher which makes mathematical model and predict how the market will behave. Is it truly allowed to work there?

Jazak Allahy Khairan

Wa alaykum salaam

Can you kindly provide more info on exactly what you will be doing or the main roles in bullet points?

This is the common job role

  • Use a rigorous scientific method to develop sophisticated trading models and shape our insights into how the markets will behave
  • Apply machine learning to a vast array of datasets
  • Create and test complex investment ideas and partner with our engineers to test your hypotheses
  • Join our reading circles to stay up to date on the latest research papers in your field
  • Attend academic seminars to learn from thought leaders from top universities
  • Share insights from conferences focused on statistics, machine learning, and data science