Working as a Courier Delivery Driver

Assalam Alaikum,

I am currently contracted with Courier Express in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as an independent contractor whereby I get paid 50% commission on every completed delivery from point A to point B with my own car. Generally, when I want to work, I would have to call in to dispatch and then a dispatcher starts sending delivery orders through the company app and I just have to go to pick up location and deliver the package to its destination. This company specializes in doing medical deliveries so packages can range from blood samples, urine samples, various test results and other items. Often you go from one medical lab or hospital to another to either pick up or make the deliveries. That’s the basic nature of deliveries.

I am curious to know about the permissibility of this work preferably from Hanafi view. Keep in mind, I’m a 1099 contractor and not an employee so I am in business for myself providing delivery service. Please let me know.

Jazak Allah Khairan.


May Allah bless you.
There is no issues with what you are doing.

And Allah knows best!

Great brother . but you can join VRL Tracking company for courier delivery driver