Working an IT role in a Defense/Security company

Assalamu alaykum,

I wanted to ask about the permissability about working for a defense/security company. They have markets covering cybersecurity, civil service and government but also aerospace naval and defense systems.

The IT role in itself at this company is maintaining and developing infrastructure via small projects, so this makes it difficult for the skillset of this role to be used to contribute towards the aerospace/naval defense sector of the company. Nevertheless, the manufacturing and development of such systems are a large part of the company so it is one which i am cautious off.


May Allah bless you.
As longer as the role itself is shariah compliant then the income should be considered as halal too.
However, the question surrounding working in the defence or weapon industry can be a complex one. If you can avoid working in such industry then it would be better. But at a fatwa level, it is difficult to provide a correct answer without factoring in issues such as geopolitics, or the benefits it provides to the citizen involved etc.

And Allah knows best!