Work in wealth management company

Hi team, Hope you are well and Safe and Eid Mubarak! I would like to ask you about working in a wealth management company.
The company is running all types of assets (Sharia compliant and non Sharia compliant assets).
I will not work with the investment team, I will work with the CEO office in the digital transformation and increase the sales productivity and enhance the processes
They might ask for my support in some analyses later in the assets they have, however, I will have a condition that I can not advise on any non- Sharia compliant assets
please let me know if that is Haram and is considered as “Supporting the Riba” Thank you and best, Khaled


May Allah bless you

You will help in increasing sales of what type of products?
Can you elaborate a bit more of what digital transformation involves?

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Thank you for your reply
May Allah bless you

I will support in increasing sales productivity for all types of products (bonds, equity, Soquk, debts, real estate, etc)

I will not do the sale, I will be in the back office

For the digital transformation, I will work on enhancing the processes and using technology solutions to serve the clients better, faster and more efficiently

Hope it is clear

Thank you again!

Helping in the sales of bonds and other debts instruments will be problematic from a shariah perspective.
In terms of equities, it will depend if they are shariah compliant or not.
If you can avoid working on the non shariah compliant products then it should be fine.

For the digital transformation project, this depends on whether you are developing something that is specially assisting in haram transactions. Or is it something more generic which customers can be used for halal and haram purposes.

And Allah knows best!