Work in a tech company that makes loans to expand

Salam aleykoum,
I hope you’re fine.
I worked in a start-up some years ago, and we had a meeting about which approach we would use in order for the company to expand.
There were several possibilities: open the capital to investors, make loans (with interests obviously, the CEO wasn’t Muslim), etc.
So, I wondered: is it possible to work in a company that makes loans with interests (then ribâ) to develop itself? Is it not recommended? Is it not a problem at all?
Because nowadays, I assume every big company has these practices. So, how should I consider that when applying? What should I be carfeul about?
Thanks a lot.
May Allah grant you the highest degree of jannah.
Salam aleykoum

I would love to know your opinion on this @Mufti_Billal

Assalaamu alaykum,

Working as an employee in an established company where such financing is generally taken will not impact the Muslim employee’s role. However, in a startup where the employees can be more involved across the business and potentially be consulted or be in key decision making meetings, a Muslim employee would be more in proximate to such unlawful financing transactions. However, as long as they do not favour and have the last say on such a decision, it would be a stretch to state that the Muslim employee’s role is unlawful.

Whenever employment is concerned, the actual job role is what is key to determining the compliance of the role.

Allah knows best



May Allah bless you.
I agree with what Mufti Faraz has said.

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