Work for a video game company

Salam aleykum; I am currently in computer studies I will soon start my work-study program in a large video game company my role will be to ensure the good quality of the network within the box as well as a good function of the computers, this company will create and resell games of all types (dance, war, adventure, there is character creation music in some and sometimes even multiple stories with multiple gods. If I participate in the proper functioning of the computers and the network of this company, I am in the haram or is my salary impure? do i have to change? my title of computer scientist will only be valid at the end of this precise alternation. I ask you for an answer allowing me to orient myself in the most precise way possible incha’Allah, baraka Allahu fikom


May Allah bless you.

Gaming from an Islamic perspective can be problematic because of some of its haram contents, and also because of the fact that some scholars do not see as it as an appropriate activity for Muslims to be spending their time in.
From what you have mentioned, I do not see any issues from the role itself, but the content of those games is questionable. Since this is part of your studies, if you have no other alternatives at this stage, then do go ahead with it until you have finish your studies, and look for something more suitable in your future career inshAllah.

And Allah knows best!