Will this potential job be permissible?

AA brothers,

Recently I am in the market for a Software Engineering position. Square is offering a great role where I will be working on the Payment Reporting system.

Here’s the description of the job:
Mission is to provide Square sellers with a clear, relevant, and trusted view of their Square payment activity and tax obligations. These products are essential for any Square seller to maintain a healthy business and are critical for Square to enter new countries, launch new products, and grow upmarket to attract and retain larger, more complex sellers.

I was wondering if I’d taken this position would my income be halal? If I was offered stocks from this company should I decline it?

Some context:

  1. Square is owned by Block.
  2. Cash App (payment transactions), Tidal (music app) are also part of Block. I believe they will fall under the impermissible category.
  3. Square Capital - offers loan to sellers, flat fee with no penalty for being late.

Still learning about the company.

Alhamdulillah, I have declined this position.

Jazakallah Khairan