Wife supporting husband

I recently married a revert. I am much more financially stable than him. I pay for most things in the home. Do I receive sawaab for this? Is it reasonable to expect him to pay a small sum monthly as a contribution? Can I stipulate in a will that in the case of divorce or death all my premarital assets all go to my own adult children and not to him or his adult child?

Assalaamu alaykum,

Of course, you will be rewarded immensely. In principle, it is the duty of the husband to support the wife and to take care of the financial needs. Therefore, he should be taking the initiative and responsibility to contribute and be proactive.

In terms of the will, your estate would only go to him if you were still married to him upon death. His child would not receive anything. You cannot deprive your husband from the estate.

Allah knows best

Why should he get a share of the properties I owned before I married him if I die?

Everything a person owns regardless of when it came into the person’s ownership forms part of the estate. And every inheritor has a share in the entire estate.