Who's name should I put the house in?

Asa, I am looking to purchase a house using an Islamic mortgage and I’d like to know from a shariah point of view who’s name the house should be in?

The majority of the deposit (90%) is from my savings, although a large portion of that was earned whilst we’ve been married. The rest is from my wife’s savings, whom I’ve supported whilst she’s worked. We will both be contributing to the mortgage but again my share will be more as she only works part time given she spends more time looking after the kids and household matters.

From the point of view of inheritance I know that in addition to the wife and kids, parents are also inheritors and so who’s name should the house be in to ensure everyone gets their due rights in case I die or in case of other scenarios where the value of the house may need to be split?

May Allah swt reward you.


May Allah bless you.

From a shariah perspective, the ownership of the house will be based on the agreement between yourself and your wife. How you are going to factor this in in the mortgage application will depend on certain legal aspects too. I wouldn’t know to be honest. But @ibrahimkhan might be able to assist on this?

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